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Baby your a fire work, come on show them what your worth <3
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Your like an indian summer in the middle of winter
like a heart candy with a surprise center <3
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I remember being really small and my teacher asked what I wanted to be when I grow up. I always had the same answer… ” in love ♥ “

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aww… this is sad…


aww… this is sad…

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Do you really like her? OR do you like the THOUGHT of having sex with her?

Dude your dumb,
I see through your disguise.
I may be younger than you,
but don’t be so surprised.

I see how it is,
i know how it works .
You tell her a few sweet words,
then there’s so-called ” fireworks”.

But little do you know all is not what you think
you may think she’s just part of your scheme.
On the out side,
she may look like a model from your dreams.

Well I’ll tell you the truth,
cause you know how I hate to lie.
To her…
your just someother guy.

How stupid are you?Thinking she’s a whore…?
Dude she’s just a gold digger and nothing more.
She’ll just like you cause you’ll try to buy her love,
but what do you think will happen when your money ain’t enough?

You can think your ” playing ” her,
but in reality she’s playing you.
Cause you see dude as soon as she finds out your broke,
she’ll leave you sooner than you hoped.

So go ahead and think your bad-ass
thinking that your gonna get in HER PANTS.
But I’ll be applauding at the end of the show,
cause you don’t know what I know!

I’ve known her long enough to tell,
your relationship won’t turn out well.
Through your eyes she may look like an angel,
but just wait till later when she brings out the devil.

I’ve known her for so many years now bro,
so don’t you think I would know?
It’s so funny to watch what your trying to do,
trying to make her fall in love with you.

Honestly dude you must be high,
you can’t even see that she likes some other guy.
You like to walk around like your so “bad “
looking at all the girls that you THINK you could have.

Your so immature dude grow up,
stop thinking that you have such luck.
Thinking that your ” gonna get some “,
well guess what your just gonna get NO ONE!

It’s guys like you that make me wanna change my perspective of love,
you like fool girls into thinking they can’t get enough.
Then when you got what you want you just leave,
leaving her broken hearted and crying on her knees.

But you obviously don’t know her like I do,
cause dude instead of her… it will be you!
She will be foolin’ you not the other way around,
she’ll leave you sitting, crying, in a fetal position on the ground.

You’ll fall so hard for her so called “love”,
you’ll be begging for more.
It will be like trying to take a kid away from the candy store.

You’ll cry and cry and cry some more,
wishing that you never met that whore.
But hey… you have no one to blame but your self,
you were walking around like you had so much wealth.

After all the pain and suffering you’ll endure,
you will still come running back for more.
Cause love is a drug,
almost every one knows it.

Once you experience it,
you spend your life trying to find it.

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